Buy On Amazon Amplimax™: the best internet connection in remote areas

The 4G LTE outdoor modem that increases the range up to 5x compared to typical 4G USB modems.

Amplimax is ideal to those who need internet but don’t have a good quality signal. 

Perfect for places without installed networks.

Integrated Directional Multiple Antenna

Works in remote locations in US

Unlocked for free

Why Choose Amplimax™?

With a high sensitive multiple antenna Amplimax has up to 5X more range compared to typical 4G LTE USB modems.


Traditional USB Modem


Amplimax System

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More than 500k people connected

Amplimaxhas connected more than 500,000 people all over the world.

Perfect for mobile business

Food trucks, pet grooming, party transportation and any other mobile business can be enhanced by Amplimax

Home office in remote places

With Amplimax™ an anywhere office is just a few steps away. 

Events anywhere

With Amplimax™ you can have your event anytime, anywhere! Time to start a roadshow.

Agro business

With Amplimax™ any agro business is now fully covered with internet.

What they talk about Amplimax™


Supply voltageSupply voltage
  • 12 to 24VDC
Sim card slotSim card slot
  • Accepts nano Sim Card only
Frequency bandsFrequency bands
  • 4G: 600*(B71), 700 (B12, B13, B14), 850(B5),
    1700 (B4, B66), 1900 (B2) MHZ
  • 3G: 850 (B5), 1700 (B4) and 1900 (B2) MHz
Ethernet portEthernet port
  • RJ45 connector
  • IEEE 802.3 – Ethernet 10 / 100Mbps
Transmission powerTransmission power
  • Class 3 (24dBm + 1 / -3dB) for UMTS
  • Class 3 (23dBm ± 2dB) for LTE
Operation temperatureOperation temperature
  • External unit: 14°F up to 140°F
  • Power supply and POE: 32°F up to 104°F
Rate of data transmissionRate of data transmission
  • LTE R9: (DL) 70Mbps Max and (UL) 50Mbps Max
  • HSPA R6: (DL) 21 Mbps Max and (UL) 5.76Mbps Max
  • UMTS R99: (DL) 384kbps Max and (UL) 384kbps Max
  • MIMO 2×2 on the 4G downlink at the bands B4 and B66
Storage temperatureStorage temperature
  • -4°F up to 158°F
Main directional antennaMain directional antenna
  • 700 up to 2700 MHz
  • Vertical polarization
  • Gain:
    700 to 960 MHz: 6 dBi 1710 to 1910 MHz: 7.9 dBi 1920 to 2700 MHz: 10 dBi
    10 dBi (1920 MHz), 10 dBi (2310 MHz) and 8 dBi (2700 MHz)
Directional diversity antennaDirectional diversity antenna
  • Bands: B4 and B66 (downlink)
  • Horizontal polarization
  • Gain: 8 dBi (2110 up to 2200 MHz)

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