No, Amplimax has the exclusive Easy Install function that allows you detecting the signal of the best carrier in the desired region without the SIM card and later on choosing the ideal carrier.

Amplimax provides high-efficiency Internet thorugh the cellular network in locations devoid of cable internet or distant from the 3G/4G celllular towers. This is possible thanks to its embedded heptaband high-gain antenna and the possibility of installation outdoors, with fewer signal barriers.

Amplimax is indicated to provide internet in locations devoid of conventional signal or distant from cellular towers; to perform remote monitoring of IP cameras and alarms via cloud server, for use in homes or commercial establishments and finally in traveling commerce, such as FoodTrucks.

Yes, just make the proper facilities

Amplimax is Plug & Play, free of settings and installing drivers, just plug and use.

Yes. The walls of the houses greatly attenuate the signal coming from the cell towers. Because AMPLIMAX allows outdoor installation, it does not suffer the effects of this attenuation. In addition, the gain of its integrated Heptaband antenna is much higher than the typical gain of modems used indoors.

To pick up the best signal, we recommend that amplimax be installed outdoors. Insert the SIM Card of the carrier of your choice and plug the network cable that must be connected to the POE (Device that came with the product). After that, connect the POE to a WiFi router. For more installation information visit the manual at: www.elsys.com.br/modem-4g-para-iinternet/p

Amplimax typically has 5 times a longer range than a common LTE USB modem. It is difficult to set a maximum range for Amplimax as it depends on installation conditions, region relief, tower operating frequency, among other factors. Under favorable conditions, the range can reach ten miles.

No, the system requires a chip (SIM card nano) with 3G/4G data packet, enabled.

Yes, you can. But you should watch the consumption of your data plan.

No, Amplimax is a unique, efficient, long-range, broadband internet connection product. It integrates 3G/4G modem and a high gain antenna. Its Ethernet output (RJ45) allows direct connection to a router, switch, or computer.

Yes, via cloud server. Connect an IP camera directly to the POE, or through an Ethernet router to install a larger number of cameras. Another possibility is the use of DVR. In this case, you can use amplimax or dvr ddns itself, provided that the carrier provides a public IP address.

The power supply of Amplimax is fed by 110 up to 240VAC. It generates 24 VDC (maximum 0.75A). The outdoor unit can accept voltage between 12 and 24 VDC. If using 12VDC the maximum lenght of the POE cable is limited to 50 feet.

Yes, but for the best performance Amplimax should be installed outdoors. It is protect against rain, sun and dust. There is no restriction for internal installation as long as a good signal level is obtained.

Yes. Amplimax incorporates the Ethernet router function and does not require the use of a router for those who only want to increase the number of Ethernet ports.

No, Amplimax already comes with a built-in 3G/4G modem. Simply purchase a SIM card and insert it in Amplimax.

In order to trigger the Blind Signal Search function you need to click the EASY INSTALL before inserting the SIM card. In this way, a signal search will begin that will identify in minutes the available carriers and their signal strengh. The blind search can also bre performed through its web interface (on the IP, menu “Utilities”)

Yes, but the maximum length of the Ethernet cable should be reduced to 50 feet.

This product is already equipped with an embedded high gain Heptaband antenna, quite effective for internet connection at long range, without the need for external antennas in the vast majority of situations. Still, the equipment has a female TNC connector for the eventual connection of an external antenna when necessary.

No, it must be purchased separately from carriers with na active data plan.

To insert the SIM Card into Amplimax, you must leave the chamfer on the right forward and the gold chip up.

Amplimax uses network cable (Ethernet), which allows up to 328 feet without signal loss, since the power supply is 24VDC battery. When using 12 VDC the maximum cable lenght is 50 feet.

No, but it can be easily connected to a Wi-Fi router (not included)

It is a unique product that integrates 3G/4G modem with ethernet port and a high gain antenna for internet and telephone access in hard-to-reach locations, quickly and efficiently. Amplimax is heptaband, as it already includes the 700MHz range.

Amplimax can be fixed on masts and walls, the drilling template is in the user guide

To purchase Amplimax, visit the website: www.elsys.com.br/modem-4g-para-iinternet/p. Você pode comprar pela loja ou localizar o revendendor físico mais próximo!

Yes, as long as the machine has Ethernet or Wi-Fi connection. In the latter case Amplimax must be connected to a Wi-Fi router.

No, shipping and import fees are not included

The default configuration of Amplimax is with no password to access its interface on the IP If you upgrade the software it may appear a password. In that case you should use “elsys” for both user and pasword fields

Yes. However you need to check with your carrier which data rates are required to watch these videos.

The specific model that is available on USA doesn’t suport all this frequncy bands. We do have another model, that is available for the Latam markets, such as Colombia, Argentina, Bolivia, Chile and others, that support this frequency bands, except the B42.

Included in the package:

  • Amplimax with reflector
  • DC 24V Power Supply
  • PoE (Power Over Ethernet) Injector
  • 1 Short (4.6ft) Ethernet Cable
  • 1 Cat5E Ethernet Cable 50 ft Black
  • 2 Nylon cable ties with UV protection (pole fixation)
  • 1 Nylon cable tie with UV protection (cable organization)
  • 2 Stripes of self-fusing tape

Not included in the packaged:

  • Nano Sim card from your preferred carrier with an active data plan.
  • Desktop or notebook computer or a WiFi router.
  • Wall or mast to install Amplimax
  • 100 to 240 V AC outlet

Quick start guide, pages 5 to 14. Click here to read.


1-) Unzip the latest firmware from the link below and save it in a known place. Download here

2-) Open the device configuration page using any web browser (ex. Google Chrome). Type the IP address

3-) Go  to the menu “General settings” > “Software update”

4-) Press “Browse” and search for the unzipped updating file

5-) Press update

6-) Wait for the counter that will appear

1) Open the device configuration page using any web browser (ex. Google Chrome). Type the IP address

​2) Go to the menu “Connection settings” > “Cellular connection”

​3) Toggle “automatic APN” to off

​4) Insert username, password and APN provided by your service provider

5) Apply Changes and reinitialize.

1) Open the device configuration page using any web browser (ex. Google Chrome). Type the IP address

​2) Go to the menu ” System status” > “Cellular connection” and check what technology (4G/3G) and frequency band Amplimax is using

3) Then, navigate to the menu “Connection settings” > “Cellular connection” and set “Operating Frequency” from “Automatic” to “Manual”.

4) After that, disable all frequencies (4G and/or 3G) that you don’t want Amplimax to operate.

5) Apply Changes and reinitialize.